International Cuisine

Chantilly provides a fresh, exquisite variety of European, Asian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian and English food, tailored to satisfy each customers personal tastes and desires.

A wide ranging menu which usually starts with sublime sauces, starters and beverages, encompassing papadoms, chicken,
fish, lamb or vegetarian dishes across the full main dishes. Our beverages and desserts, could be hot or cold, ranging from rasmali, gajar halwa, tea, coffee or natural juices.

We provide a wide variety of delicious, quality traditional eastern and western dishes to meet all your needs.

Our food variety is almost limitless and we can tailor menus to taste your event requirements.

We have a variety of cuisine packages available, which can be tailored if necessary.

Specific details about menus, content and pricing can be provided.

Our menus composed of :-

  • Starter Options
    Papadoms, lamb, chicken, fish and vegetarian combinations


  • Main Dishes
    Multi variety range includes chicken, lamb, fish and vegetarian


  • Desserts & Beverages
    Exquisite range of sweet dishes, hot and cold beverages.


Our packages are arranged as follows :

  • Standard
  • Ruby
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Bespoke (tailored to individual needs)